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Records Management



We can now provide a complete Storage Management & Retrieval Service…

File Storage

Files are stored and managed in optimum conditions within a purpose built site, where individual files are requested, these are placed in resealable bags and transported in plastic crates.

Box Storage

Archived boxes are stored within new purpose built racking individually configured to the size of the type of box stored. Each client is provided with a dedicated section of racking within a barcoded facilities. Boxes are returned to their original dedicated location, we do not operate a random storage policy within our facility.

As with all aspects of our service we offer a range of retrieval and delivery services that are tailored to your specific requirements. Records may be requested as an entire box or as a single file in order to assist companies where office space is minimal.


Keep It Safe

  • Storage of files and boxes.
  • Storage of wills, deeds and original documents.
  • Storage of digital media.
  • Workflow, EDRM, digitisation and scan back
  • Special projects including Inventory, purging, back scanning, filing audits, filing relocations and rationalisation.
  • Consultancy including best practices, record management policies and retention policies.
  • Secure document destruction.


Retrieval & Collection

All items are barcoded and tracked via our handheld pocket PCs with GPRS capabilities. Items collected are uploaded to a database before leaving the premises, allowing a complete audit trail. Fleet vehicles are fitted with trackers allowing for added security & effective route management.

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