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Stat-Express partners with one of the leading bespoke chair manufacturers in the field
of providing ergonomic solutions to back pain in the workplace.

According to the HSE, business loses some 4.9 million working days due to work-related back
pain every year with each affected employee taking an average 19 days off work.

The charity BackCare estimates that the overall cost of back pain to the NHS and the
economy is £5 billion a year.

We provide a range of 14 different models, but most importantly we offer a service to carry
out assessments at your desk or workplace, and to recommend a bespoke chair solution, that
will match the exact needs of the user, be they sufferers of either chronic or mild back pain.

Once manufacturered, we will deliver and set up the chair with the user, to ensure the ultimate
solution is provided. The range has been developed in conjunction with Stephen Green a former
leading teaching Osteopath at the British School of Osteopathy.

Demand for this service is high so if you have any needs, please call us and we will get
our seating specialist to contact you asap to arrange a free assessment.


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Contact one of our sales team for full details on 0845 22 22 456